Fun on the bog

People have been raving on the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union’s e-mail listserv about the Sax Zim Bog Winter Bird Festival, which took place last weekend.

Michael Hendrickson, who spearheaded the festival in its second year, was on the listserv on Sunday with a report and the numbers:

  • 155 birders from 22 states and Australia
  • 22 bird species sighted
  • But no great gray owls, no three-toed woodpeckers and no Bohemian waxwings.
  • Among the species that were seen: Boreal owl, rough-legged hawk, black-backed woodpeckers, Townsend’s solitaire, black-billed magpie, evening grosbeaks.

During the week, participants chipped in with their impressions. They’ve been uniformly enthusiastic, particularly about the kindness of the people they encountered.

Enthusiastic is the word to describe Hendrickson when it comes to birding in general and the Sax Zim Bog in particular. He frequently leads birders from other states and even from other countries in birding trips to Sax Zim and other area hot spots.

He’s talking about the possibility of a boardwalk in the bog, which would be very cool.

And yes, he’s planning a third winter bird festival for next year. I might have to take some vacation days.