Steve Cannon’s Duluth connection?

Sorry to go off topic, but we’re trying to check out something on Steve Cannon, the longtime Minnesota radio personality who died on Monday.

We know that Cannon’s radio career included a stint in Duluth, but we haven’t been able to determine what station he was with. Does anyone happen to know?

And if you do, would you send me a comment? Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for your input!
    My source told me that Don Cannon is his brother, and that he — Don — did indeed work for KDAL for quite some time. But it’s still not clear what station Steve worked for … unless they were the same person. I suppose Backlash LaRue would know …

  2. Jason, the website did not say he went by the name of DON Cannon. It said Don was his brother!!! READ THAT AGAIN!

  3. referring to the site above- the rest of the articel which isn’t on the link says he worked at WAKX

  4. jeaniejo if you are referring to our site again your are mistaken. We never published anything of the sort. Try reading it next time!

    To John Lundy, Steve Cannon was a dj at KDAL during the very early 50’s. He was just a kid from what information we have. Steve’s brother Don came later in the later 50’s to KDAL according to Ralph Doty formerly of KDAL AM and now columnist for the Budgeter.

    Don eventually ended up in Seattle at KING AM.

    Steve was at KYA AM an ABC station in San Francisco before he actually “landed” first at KSTP AM 1500 then in 1971 he was abruptly fired and immediately hired by WCCO AM where he stayed till his retirement in 1997.

    Steve and Don have a brother Harold who happens to live in California. We don’t know where Don is or if he is still alive.

    At no time did Steve Cannon EVER hit the air waves at WAKX!!! Steve’s Duluth stint last long enough for him to move on to pursue an acting career in CA then it was on to the Twin Cities after that. In between he was several Minnesota stations whose dates are not readily available.

    You may find it beneficial to go to the 830WCCO.COM website and check the tributes and audio clips from Tueday’s tribute shows.

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