The female side

After seeing Bob King’s picture of a male rose-breasted grosbeak on Tuesday, Tony M. offered these pictures of a female rose-breasted grosbeak perched at Tony’s window feeder. Amazing pictures, Tony. Check out the size of that beak. The beak size is a pretty good indication, if you need one, that you’ve got a grosbeak.

And now, dear readers, a question from a reader: Our correspondent has heard from other folks — in Saginaw, Lakeside, Barnum and Island Lake — that they’ve been seeing bobolinks this spring. One or two bobolinks isn’t unusual, she said, but people have been seeing them in groups of 20 or more. Sometimes bobolinks can be mistaken for female red-winged blackbirds, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with these observers.

Is anyone else seeing groups of bobolinks, and if so, where?

To help, here are images, taken from the World Wide Web, of first a bobolink:

And next a female red-winged blackbird:

Your bobolink observations, and any observations and pictures related to birds, are always coveted. You can send them to me at:

2 thoughts on “The female side

  1. Hi Bob Also have been seeing female rose-breasted grosbeaks around. Usually in the company of other finches, not with male rose-breasted grosbeaks (bummer)

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