Southwest hummers

In the Northland, it’s rare — although not unheard of — to see any kind of hummingbird other than the ruby-throated.

Not so in the Southwest. Kurt Kuehn got some wonderful hummingbird pictures when he was in Arizona this spring. Here’s a trio of them:

An Anna’s hummingbird.

A black-chinned hummingbird.

A magnificent hummingbird.

Thanks, Kurt, for the pictures — and the identifications.

Bird pictures and stories from far and near welcome here:


One thought on “Southwest hummers

  1. Spent a little time biridng the Tucson area, particularly, Madera Canyon and Patagonia. They both offered great oppurtunities for hummingbirds. Wanted to see an Elegant Trogan, but is was not in the cards. Nice pictures!!

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