Bird droppings

Bits and pieces from here and there:

  • The fall migration season has begun at the Hawk Ridge Observatory, according to Debbie Waters, the education director. The daily count of raptors and songbirds (technically: passerines), headed up by Karl Bardon, began on Saturday and won’t be over until the end of November. Waters and her fellow educators will be on hand from Sept. 1 through the end of October. You can check the daily count totals here: To plan your visit to Hawk Ridge, start here:
  • I didn’t plan it this way — very little about this blog is planned — but hummingbirds seem to be a frequent topic recently. If you’re especially big on the little birds and you’re looking for a late-month road trip, consider this: Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah, Aug. 28-30, in Henderson, Minn., just southwest of the Twin Cities. This celebration of ruby-throated hummingbirds before they leave for the winter boasts hummingbird banding, tours of gardens and hummingbird habitats, guest speakers, book signings, activities for children and more. Does the Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah havea Web site? Of course it does:
  • I don’t know if it has anything to do with fall migration, but I saw a mourning dove hanging around my deck this morning. It’s the first mourning dove I’ve seen in probably three months. There’s no Web site that I know of for mourning doves in West Duluth.

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