A canary amid the starlings

This morning, a canary was feeding among the starlings on my deck.

Or if it wasn’t a canary, it was some sort of bird that clearly isn’t from here. It either escaped from someone’s cage or was released by an irresponsible owner. It isn’t designed for this environment, and it won’t survive.

But it seems to be doing just fine today. It wasn’t in the least intimidated by the bigger birds, and they tolerated it. On the other hand, it wanted nothing to do with me, and I had all sorts of camera troubles. I kept thinking: I wish Bob King were here.

After my first attempts were foiled by weak batteries, I raced around the house, found new batteries, hurried back to my viewing point and promptly scared away the canary and the starlings.

So I put out much more millet than I usually would, and was rewarded with even bigger numbers of starlings, grackles, red-winged blackbirds and bluejays.

And eventually, the canary — or whatever it is — returned. And I got pictures good enough to at least show you that I wasn’t hallucinating.

Can you see it here?

And here it is, with a couple of bluejays:

And feeding with the starlings:

The other birds look a trifle nonplussed, don’t they? So was I.

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4 thoughts on “A canary amid the starlings

  1. That’s no canary…..that’s a Parakeet….escapee from someone’s home…..poor little thing!!

  2. Double check the Trib files (Lost and Found). May have been a lost one not too long ago.

  3. Thanks for the good suggestion, Jana. I checked this morning, and I’ll try to check back, too. However, I haven’t seen the parakeet since Friday morning. Perhaps it flew home.

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