I’m not often able to get close enough to birds to take anything like a closeup. This morning, though, a hairy woodpecker was feeding behind my house so nonchalantly that I thought it might give me a chance.

But as I was focusing and trying to hold the camera steady, something got in the way:

This female ruby-throated hummingbird has been feeding voraciously at the nectar I’ve provided for a few weeks and apparently has lost any fear of me she may have once had. The feeder is just above her. Hummingbirds move with so much agility, speed and grace they make Stealth bombers look clunky.

The hairy woodpecker, a male, didn’t let me come as close as I had hoped. He’s feeding from a combination of sunflower chips and safflower. I don’t have any suet out yet, but woodpeckers have been coming anyway.

Q. What would you get if you crossed a hummingbird with a woodpecker? A. A bird that hums while it pecks.

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