Gifts for birders

It’s almost Christmas.

OK, thankfully, it’s not almost Christmas. But a friend in Indiana is thinking about Christmas gift-giving. She chose her dad’s name for their family gift exchange, and it happens that he’s a bird-watcher.

"I was thinking of getting him a bird-watching trip or package or something to Michigan or someplace — I don’t know, AMAZING — for this sort of activity, but I’m at a loss." my friend writes. " … [I] thought I would ask someone who might know from personal experience a great place to go. Any ideas? If not, anything you can think of that a bird wather MUST have other than a great pair of binocs and a few good field guides?"

So there’s your mission, should you decide to accept it, dear readers. Can you suggest a bird-watching trip or gift that would knock my friend’s dad’s socks off? If you have ideas, send them to me via the comment line or my e-mail: On the off chance that others might be starting to think about Christmas shopping, I’ll share your ideas here as well as with me friends.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Gifts for birders

  1. Something that got me started on bird watching was a very simple gift from a nephew: Peanut butter spread on a huge pine cone and then rolled in bird seed. With little expectations of results, I hung it outside my kitchen window. The next day I discovered chickadees, juncos, woodpeckers and other birds enjoying the feed. A simple present with big results! I purchased a bird book, binoculars… You know how that goes!

  2. Has he gone to see the Kirtland’s Warblers in Michigan? That would be a do-able trip taken from Indiana. Jeanne from the Twin Cities

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