Brown thrasher amid the twigs

Brown thrashers seem perfectly colored for autumn. Here’s one Lyle Anderson captured with his camera in his backyard on Park Point Saturday:

Lyle reports that this thrasher was having some problems. It came down in some brush, and then was fluttering around with seeming difficulty maneuvering. "Something just wasn’t right with it," Lyle writes. "I lsot track of it, but I hope it made it all right. I like to hear brown thrashers when they sing."

I told Lyle about a red-winged blackbird that spent some time on and around my deck this afternoon. It seemed to have a broken right leg, but it was compensating for it nicely as it gobbled up some millet. It appeared to fly without difficulty. I imagine perching was difficult.

For those of you who are interested in technical details, Lyle took the thrasher picture using a manual focus and a 70-300 lens combo plus a 1.7 converter lens over that for 818 mm. Brush and twigs got in the way, Lyle said, but I kind of like the way they frame the bird.

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