It’s a delicacy, if you’re a hawk

My colleague Beverly Godfrey came across a sharp-shinned hawk snacking on a pigeon just outside the Duluth News Tribune building a few days ago.

You might not appreciate pigeons. But perhaps to hawks, they’re a delicacy:


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5 thoughts on “It’s a delicacy, if you’re a hawk

  1. Way to go, Beverly? Was anyone else watching the Twins on TV tonight? The camera honed in on an American Kestrel sitting on on foul (fowl) pole. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  2. John,

    interesting pic…scott, kathy and i have been watching a pair of hawks that routinely circle over our house since early spring… they aren’t very big in size, thought maybe peregrin?, or maybe sharp shin… we are doing fine..

  3. I chose one of the more discreet photos to send you, John. The hawk tried to fly away with its dinner when it saw me, but the pigeon was too heavy. That made me wonder which was more likely, that the hawk killed the pigeon, or just found it there. I think the hawk killed it, even though it couldn’t fly away with it.

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