Bringing up the kids

Dianne Buelow shared some wonderful pictures taken outside her home in the Ashland area. "Bringing up the kids" could be seen as a common theme. I’d never get tired of watching the activity shown in these photos:

This flicker left the nest early and in this picture is just outside the door. It seems to be getting along OK …

… with a little bit of help …

… and by hiding in a tree.

Stunned humming bird after an encounter with a window.

A hummingbird at the feeder, with just a bit of web attached.

A pair of young bluebirds pretending they’re part of a lawn decoration.

This looks alarming, but Dianne tells me this is how a bluebird suns itself. I suppose some of us look alarming when we’re sunning ourselves, too.

Dianne tells me that she built 10 bluebird houses and put them all around the property. So what did the bluebirds choose? A decorative duplex not designed for bluebirds at all.

Thanks, Dianne, for a wonderful set of pictures.

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