The Young and the Restless

Our faithful contributors are continuing to do a wonderful job of photographing birds in the process of growing up and just being birds.

These are from Lyle Anderson of the Park Point neighborhood in Duluth:

I laugh every time I look at this picture of young tree swallows at home. Lyle says they stayed through the Fourth of July, perhaps for a good view of the fireworks, he speculates. The next two are also of tree swallows:

Lyle calls this picture "Feed me" …

… which I guess means we could call this one: "Ok, already."

A little house wren with a big feather.The two wrens have been busy bringing a lot of food to their young, Lyle says. On June 28, the food included mayflies.

Lyle caught this image of a catbird. I had catbirds at my feeders a couple of summers ago, but they haven’t been back.

A colony of Canada geese with a view of the harbor.

Lyle’s caption: "A friend of ours called to ask if my wife and I wanted to see a young bald eagle that had recently left the nest near by. She said it would sometimes sit on their canoe for an hour and at times would also perch on the car."

And speaking of eagles, here’s a somewhat famous eagle’s nest:

Lyle took this picture of the eagle’s nest near the future Duluth East High School. The presence of this nest caused changes in the plan to renovate and expand the former Ordean Middle School to convert it into a high school.

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