Seeing red

Lyle Anderson, who lives on Park Point, has been seeing red in the bushes just beyond his backyard. Here’s why:

When I first saw Lyle’s picture, I thought this bird might be a mate for the female cardinal that has been hanging around my backyard in West Duluth. But Lyle reports he also has seen a female cardinal in his area, too.
I haven’t seen a male, but the female seems to show up every day, mostly nibbling on safflower in my tray feeder. I’ve also been feeding juncos, various sparrows, the usual house finches, the usual chickadees, starlings, pigeons, squirrels, deer (the latter four unintentionally) and — just recently — a new wave of goldfinches in the thistle feeders. There might be a pine siskin or two there as well.

Your bird pictures and stories welcome: