O, Canada

I spent a chunk of Independence Day celebrating life and liberty and pursuing happiness by hiking to Oberg Mountain (easy because you can drive most of the way) and Moose Mountain in Cook County.
Somewhere in the vicinity of Oberg Lake, I saw my first lifer in quite a while: a Canada warbler.
I couldn’t get a picture, although it posed quite generously, even spending time on a dead limb. And it kept calling constantly: Twip. Twip. Twip. Twip. Or maybe it was more like: Twep. Twep. Twep. Twep.
I got a good look at it before I consulted my field guide, and then another good look to confirm my choice. Smallish, even for a warbler. Check. All-gray back. Check. Black necklace; otherwise bright yellow underneath. Check. White eye rings. Check. Call: Tyup. Tyup. Tyup. Close enough.
I was updating my life list (life since about 2004) the other night and discovered that I’ve seen a paltry 93 birds. But that means I have many more birds to look forward to adding, without even leaving northern Minnesota.
And I noticed that I’ve never recorded a white-crowned sparrow in my book, although I know I’ve seen many white-crowned sparrows. So I should be able to add that one without too much difficulty. One might even stop at my deck for some millet.

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