Raptor out the window

Karl Riggle of Zanesville, Ohio, forwarded to me this picture his niece took of a raptor in Dublin, Ohio, which is near Columbus. His niece thought it could be an eagle, but Karl think it’s a young hawk. My guess is red-tailed hawk, not necessarily young. Any raptor watchers want to settle that for us?
Whatever it is, it looks to me as if it was perched on a deck just outside a window, which would be quite a sight to see.
Here’s the picture:

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One thought on “Raptor out the window

  1. I wish the tail was visible but it looks like a red-tailed hawk to me. The other hawk common in winter, the Rough Legged doesn’t have that kind of chest pattern. Other hawks that are possible this time of year, such as the Cooper’s, look very different. Would anyone mistake an Eagle at this distance for the bird in the photo? I doubt it.

    I am hardly an expert but I have been birding for over 20 years.

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