Searching for seeds

Bob King aka Astro Bob, aka chief photographer for the Duluth News Tribune, shared pictures he took in Lakewood Township of common redpolls and a pine siskin or two:

A siskin, all cleared for takeoff.

A redpoll in repose.

And my favorite … can you count the redpoll(s) and/or pine siskin(s) in this picture? Bob tells me the flowers are cone flowers and black-eyed Susans.
Speaking of common redpolls and pine siskins, both made my Great Backyard Bird Count. On Sunday afternoon, I spotted 10 redpolls; and I counted 13 on Monday morning. Each day, I counted one pine siskin.
Other birds that I counted, all in small numbers: chickadees, white-breasted nuthatches, blue jay, starling, rock dove (pigeon) and house sparrows.
And the birds I didn’t count: two juncos visited my deck, but not while I was counting. And a male cardinal loudly proclaimed its territorial claims from high up in a tree in front of my house on Sunday morning. I wasn’t counting then, either.

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