Can you count …

… the redpolls in this picture?

I took it this morning from inside my house looking out to my deck, and the redpolls here are only a portion of the biggest swarm I’ve had so far this season. I didn’t try to count the whole flock, but there had to have been at least two dozen. I stood outside for a while trying to get a better picture, but they were skittish and I was cold.

On another subject, Joel Willman says he saw a snowy owl by Menards in Superior a couple of weeks ago. It pounced on something, maybe a mouse, and as Joel watched he noticed the owl had a green-and-white tag on its right wing, about 3 inches square, with the number 60 on it. Joel would like to report his finding to whomever might have tagged the owl, but he doesn’t know who that would be. “I would just like to let the researchers who tagged the bird to know where it was,” Joel writes. “Seeing that they are traveling so much this year it would be neat to know where it was tagged.”
Can anyone offer a suggestion?

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5 thoughts on “Can you count …

  1. Any time you see (or recover) a banded bird, you can report the band number to the Bird Banding Lab by calling 1-800-327-BAND, or by filling out a form on the internet here: . Whether you have hunted the bird, happened to find it dead, or are lucky enough to be able to read the band of a living bird . . . please report it!

    I think the specific form you want is this one:
    . Type the colors and number into the comments section.

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