Up close and personal

Kurt Kuehn, who lives in Duluth’s Lester Park neighborhood, caught some marvelous closeup shots of birds on this beautiful early-spring day.
Let’s start with some redpolls:

And, finally, a redpoll taking a nap …

What better way to spend part of a warm day than a nap in the sun? Especially when you’ll be heading up to the Arctic Circle soon.
But wait, there’s more!
A chickadee:

And a nuthatch:

I think it’s a red-breasted nuthatch, but honestly, I’ve never seen one this close.

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8 thoughts on “Up close and personal

  1. Last year a Red-breasted Nuthatch was sitting on our deck stunned so I was able to get a few closeup pictures, but other than that time the RB Nuthatch is scarce at my feeder.

  2. Love the photos. We have had for the past two days – flocks of robins — 30 to 40 AND and still have our flock of redpolls — 50-75. I cannot remember having those two birds at the same time. Also, caught a glimpse of a bluebird (I don’t think I was hallucinating) yesterday as well.

  3. Spring robins arrived in Proctor late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Also saw several hawks near I35 in West Duluth on Wednesday.

  4. The White-breasted are rare out here. Dozens of Reds. Just walk up and down Lester River. Robins 0n the 13th-14th. Chipping Sparrow 14th.

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