Family reunion?

Lyle Anderson of Park Point writes that he and his wife were heading home about noon on Sunday and checked out the bald eagle next on Hearding Island. Instead of the usual pair of eagles, they saw this:

“The two on the right side of the picture are the occupants and I believe the other four are immature,” Lyle writes. Guess they stopped by for a visit. Heck, I don’t know — maybe they came by to see ma and pa.”
Lyle also caught these nice images on Saturday morning of hooded mergansers in the bay:

Elsewhere, my colleague Beverly Godfrey recently found a cardinal high up on a tree in the Kenwood neighborhood:

It’s officially spring, even if it has felt like summer for the past few days. Have you seen your first robin yet? Mine was yesterday morning. It landed on my deck, took a few experimental hops, then had a drink from the birdbath — followed by a quick bath. Later, during a hike on the Grand Portage Trail in Jay Cooke State Park, I was astonished by how many butterflies I saw. In bird terms, I heard a lot of singing but didn’t see much. The most interesting thing was a red-breasted nuthatch hanging out with some chickadees.

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