Texas-sized mallard

Tom Thompson of Duluth sent this picture he took while on South Padre Island in Texas earlier this month:

They grow them big in Texas, eh?
Back in the Northland, Tom caught these lovely images of a swan on White Lake last week:

“He/she didn’t stay long but it was a pleasant surprise,” Tom writes. “I would think they are showing throughout the area by now. Unfortunately, I don’t think one would stay long even if one chose White Lake to raise chicks because the speed boats and water skiers would chase them out.”

Meanwhile, I finally added a northern mockingbird to my life list. I saw it last week while I was in Atlanta, on the campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I thought it was a mockingbird, but I had to wait until I got home to my bird books to be sure. The white patches on its wings when it flew clinched it.

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3 thoughts on “Texas-sized mallard

  1. The mallard picture is interesting, because it is missing its white neck ring. Maybe this is a hybrid!

    • When I took the picture I actually didn’t think it was a Mallard because it was so large and didn’t look quite right. When I checked it was obviously the only duck to fit the bill. Hadn’t thought of of a hybrid even though I drive one.

  2. It does look like a hybrid and it is not unusual to see them if there is an aviary nearby. When hunting near a location that had escaped birds that stayed year round, and we would happen to get one, we used to call them wonderbread mallards (e.g. many of those birds that are acclimated to humans and love the pieces of bread thrown by kids and adults). `:)

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