Photos from afar

Kind readers recently have submitted bird pictures taken from other states.
Bernie St. George offered this from Florida:

Bernie writes that this bluebird was just outside of his kitchen window in Summerfield, Fla. The bluebirds are working on their second batch of little ones — in a swallow house.
My reference to seeing my first northern mockingbird (in Atlanta), prompted a response from Tom Thompson.
“In the past few years I seem to run into them on occasion, especially if I head very far south,” Tom writes. “I have been very impressed not only with their repertoire of songs but by their tenacity. I have taken a few pictures of them attack birds of prey many times their size … and winning.”
He offers the following samples of a mockingbird taking on a red-tailed hawk in the Kansas City area and another going after a Harris’ hawk at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in Texas:

Thanks for the wonderful pictures.
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