A plethora of pictures

Where to begin?
A bunch of pictures have come in during the past few days. They include, curiously enough, pictures from different photographers of red admiral butterflies.
But let’s start big:

Kurt Kuehn took this picture Sunday in Alden Township. He said he thinks it’s a merlin. Having looked in the bird book, I have to agree. Probably a juvenile, I’m thinking.
Lyle Anderson, who lives on Park Point, said he was glad to have a rose-breasted grosbeak hanging around for a couple of days. He offers pictures of the grosbeak, a grosbeak with a goldfinch and a couple of goldfinches:

Oh, and a bluejay …

And a red admiral butterfly, making like a hummingbird:

Here’s the other red admiral butterfly, offered by Bernie St. George:

Last but least, this photo of a Baltimore oriole along Duluth’s Western Waterfront Trail, taken on Sunday by me:

During that Mother’s Day stroll, I also saw a trumpeter swan (or maybe a tundra swan), several yellow warblers, a white-throated sparrow and many birds I couldn’t identify.
During a bike ride on Monday, I think I saw a kingfisher at Grassy Point. I went back to look for it today, but mostly saw Canada geese and red-winged blackbirds. One American redstart showed itself, though, which made the short trip across West Duluth worthwhile.

Your bird stories and photos welcome at jlundy@duluthnews.com.

5 thoughts on “A plethora of pictures

  1. What a colorful world out there! Thanks for all the photos. I haven’t seen goldfinches in a long time, and I miss them.

    • No, and thanks for asking, because I’ve been meaning to ask the same questions.
      I have two hummingbird feeders out, but no takers that I’ve noticed so far.

  2. I also had Rose Breasted Grosbeaks last week along with Evening Grosbeaks and Goldfinches. Today I had an Oriole and male Cardinal in the yard. Sorry no pictures.

  3. I’ve had hummingbirds for two weeks in Lester Park, and this weekend up at my cabin in Alden township.

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