What have we here?

Jeannette Lang said she was weeding her blueberries on Wednesday evening when she came across a small nest:

“When I returned to the bush with my camera, a very small, gray-backed bird ran from the nest, but I did not have enough light to identify it,” Jeannette writes. “Can anyone help identify?”
Jeannette also shared a picture of a female yellow-bellied sapsucker snacking on a sliced orange she put out. Although the image she sent was beautiful on my computer screen, it didn’t show up very well when squished down for this website. I have a half orange out with Baltimore orioles in mind, but no takers so far.

Some other photos have come in as well. Laura Siverling reports a bonanza of birds at the Siverling feeders in the Hayward, Wis., area. “At the moment, our feeders are busy with rose-breasted grosbeaks, yellow and purple finches, indigo buntings and more,” she wrote on Thursday. Here are a few of her photos:

Wow. I wrote Laura and told her I was excited just to have a single female rose-breasted grosbeak at my safflower feeder on Thursday morning. (This morning, I’m pretty sure I had a male purple finch. I see house finches all the time, but purple finches only occasionally.)
And finally, this from Park Point:

Lyle Anderson said he took this picture of four white pelicans at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday on the south end of Hearding Island. This was interesting to me, because a friend who also lives on Park Point said he has seen pelicans out there this spring for the first time ever. Lyle said this is also the first time he has seen them in the bay; they are more often seen on the St. Louis River.
Thanks, everyone!

Your bird stories and pictures welcome at jlundy@duluthnews.com. Please include your name, approximately where and when you took your pictures, the kind of birds (if you know) and any other details you’d like to add.

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