Pelicans off Park Point

Lyle Anderson took these pictures of a group of 30 to 40 pelicans around 9 a.m. Wednesday off Park Point.
I especially like the action in this first one:

Has anyone noticed the swarms of white-throated sparrows coming through Duluth? I’ve been seeing them everywhere … on the Lakewalk … on a solitary tree on the Mesaba Avenue median, and even scrounging for millet on my deck. Migration season is such a lively time for birding.

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2 thoughts on “Pelicans off Park Point

  1. Nice pictures. I’m sorry I missed these pelicans. I’ve watched brown pelicans off the northern California coast, near Stinson Beach. When they’re there and they settle down for the night, they begin yawning. The beak opens to a point where it’s a straight line. Very funny. -Sue

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