Gang of Five

Tom Thompson in Brimson reports a Gang of Five outside his house.
They’re ravens, and not the football players from Baltimore. Tom reports that he has ravens most of the year, but typically they are very wary and fly away as soon as they see movement. This gang doesn’t seem bothered.
“Maybe it is because it is October and Halloween is coming,” Tom writes. “Their dark mischievousness seems most appropriate then.
“This was a gang of five. Three took on my bird feeder but the other two worked as a team on my suet cage. One worked to peck at the suet while the other waited below for the crumbs. At times, some of the crumbs would comically hit him in the head. The huge bill pecking at the suet did not allow for much more than pecks and nibbles but the suet feeder was no match for the raven.
“I hear ravens come around long before I see them. Their various vocalizations are very entertaining and it is difficult not to chuckle.”
We get to see them, if not hear them, thanks to this delightful set of pictures that Tom sent along:

Ravens are among the smartest, most interesting and most entertaining birds. I’ve read an account of a raven out West imitating the flushing sound coming from a privy.
Because of the wariness that Tom mentioned, they can be a trick to watch. But if you get the chance, it’s certainly a treat.

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