Royal flush of woodpeckers

Greg Beck, who lives on the North Shore by the French River, reports he had a pileated, a hairy, a downy and a red-bellied woodpecker on the same day recently.
The “red” has a neat call and prefers corn and black oil seeds to suet, Greg writes.
He got a couple of nice closeups of the red-bellied woodpecker:

Greg says he had been seeing the red-bellied woodpecker for a few weeks. I’m intrigued by all of the reports of this bird. Thanks so much to all of you who have shared your reports and pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Royal flush of woodpeckers

  1. WOODPECKERS! I love them….we see many Hairy woodpeckers and Downies at our suet feeder now. We have one or two pair of Pileateds in our woods but they have not been at the feeder as much as they were two winters ago when it was so cold. I hope they are back this winter! They are so prehistoric-looking I can barely look at their yellow dragon-like eyes (but I have never seen a dragon so…………..)

  2. There is a beautiful Red Bellied Woodpecker visiting our feeder here in Cotton too. A first in the 28 years we’ve lived here. Fun to watch the power structure ~ he allows chickadees, nuthatches, finches & juncos to feed along side but scares off the blue jays.

  3. We live in Grand Rapids (in town) and had a Pileated, several Downies and Red Bellieds on Sunday, along with a pair of Blue Jays and a gold finch.

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