Seeing red?

Jeannette reports that she already has redpolls at her place in northern Wisconsin.
“Is this early?” she writes. “I seem to remember them arriving in January previously.”
So I offer the question to you, dear readers. Are you seeing red(polls)? Is it earlier than usual?
I know they’ve been seen in the Sax-Zim Bog, but I don’t know if that’s unusually early for the bog. I’m pretty sure I saw a small flock of them on Thanksgiving Day on Duluth’s Western Waterfront Trail. (I didn’t get a good look, but I think they either had to have been redpolls or chipping sparrows.) If I see them at all at my feeders, it’s usually not until almost February. But perhaps they come to my feeders only when other sources run dry.
I’d be interested in your observations.

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5 thoughts on “Seeing red?

  1. I have the redpolls at my house also. I’m in Lake of the Woods County between Baudette and Warroad. They have been here since about a week before Thanksgiving…very early indeed. Last year they were very late arriving.

  2. I have been recording birds daily in MN since 2004. We lived in Central MN (in Morrison before now in Todd county) and never saw Redpolls before January. This year we have had them almost daily since November 14th.

  3. As far as what you saw on Thanksgiving Day, I doubt it was a Chipping Sparrow. Have you considered the American Tree Sparrow? It does look a little like a chipper.

  4. I have yet to see a redpoll at my feeders in Brimson. However, Pine Grosbeaks are here which seems a bit early.

  5. Yes, Redpolls at my feeder since Thanksgiving. Also had a rare treat for me, a Red B ellied Woodpecker, which was a first. He hung around the yard for a few days. And a Pileated Woodpecker. I enjoyed them both.

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