Pine grosbeaks near Holyoke

Winter in the Northland is a great time for bird-watching.
Michelle Weegman, who lives near Holyoke, Minn., writes that the Weegmans are having a great time watching eight pairs of pine grosbeaks that have been visiting their feeders since November.
She shared a couple of pictures:

Beautiful birds, aren’t they? They appear so delicate, but they have to be hardy to get through a Minnesota winter. They actually spend their summers farther north.
With a cold spell predicted to set in over the weekend, those of us with feeders should make sure we keep food in them.

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3 thoughts on “Pine grosbeaks near Holyoke

  1. We have anywhere from 8 to 10 pair of Pine Grosbeaks also. Love to watch them come in during the day to feed on our deck. When not feeding they are sitting at the very top of the poplar trees just waiting to come in again. First time I have seen them in the area in Chicog, WI.

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