Lots of crossbills Up North

Carolyn Quick, who lives between Tower and Ely, reports record numbers of crossbills this year — actually, she hadn’t seen crossbills before this year.
On a sunny Friday morning that offered some relief after many cold, cloudy days, she offered this lively image of a crowd of crossbills:

But wait, there’s more. First, Carolyn shares this lovely study of a woodpecker (downy?):

And I especially love this picture of a bluejay, ready to enjoy a bit of corn:

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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4 thoughts on “Lots of crossbills Up North

  1. Great pictures!
    It surprised me when about a week ago a friend of mine who lives in the Kansas City area went to a cemetery in St. Joseph, MO (about 60 miles north of KC) to go birding. There she saw quite a few crossbills and sent pictures to prove it. I was surprised to see this since I lived in KC area for over 30 years and never heard of anyone seeing crossbills. I’ve only seen them a couple times up here in the northland.

  2. I’ve lived in MN since June 2004 but I have not seen a Crossbill yet. In the last year I have been more systematic about birding, so I have seen a few birds that I hadn’t seen before but the Crossbills have eluded me.

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