Pheasants at the feeder

It’s fun to see pictures of birds we probably wouldn’t see in Duluth.
These photos from Jerry Mc Kenna fall in that category.
Jerry writes that he and his wife live on Beauty Lake near Long Prairie in Todd County.
They’ve been visited by ring-necked pheasants every day since the middle of December, Jerry writes. Although the birds are skittish, Jerry has been able to get some pictures. He shared these two:

Jerry got this picture of a male pheasant on Tuesday …

And he caught this hungry pair of females on Monday.

Also coming in pairs: Pileated woodpeckers in Esko.
Jim and Sue Jensen report that they’ve had a pair of the big woodpeckers coming regularly to their suet feeder for the past seven or eight years. Here are a couple of their pictures:

They’ve never seen the pileateds come with their young as the downy and hairy woodpeckers do, the Jensens write. This winter they’ve seen two males and one female.

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4 thoughts on “Pheasants at the feeder

  1. I have a Mourning Dove showing up on my deck eating finch food on the floor of the deck….is it unusual to see such a migrating bird in the midst of cold winter?
    I asked others and a few have seen this too….M doves in winter. The bird looks fat fluffy and healthy.

  2. We have Mourning Doves in the winter all the time (Superior), sometimes several, sometimes one or two. Last night and this morning there was one lone one just sitting in one of our hanging dish feeder–just like a nest! If they know you have the food and water, they’ll be there!

  3. I am a wannabe birder too. I really do enjoy it.

    Nice to see some pheasants. We had quite a lot of them when I lived in eastern Oregon. In western Oregon, many of the birds migrate in the winter, but we have our odd assortment at the suet feeder, including a couple varieties of woodpeckers, along with a few nuthatches, chickadees, etc.

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