Boreal owls

I’m told there has been an irruption of boreal owls in northern Minnesota this winter. The smallish owls, described in my bird book as very tame, nocturnal and “earless,” usually stay in the Far North.
Brucette Zirn of Duluth came across one of them in the 77-83 blocks of East Superior Street this week. She shared pictures taken around 11:30 a.m. on Friday. (The time stamps on the photos are incorrect.)
The owl probably is a little hard to see within the confines of this blog, but these pictures will give you an idea of what you’re looking for:

I’ve never seen a boreal owl (or almost any other owl), but in the bird book pictures its face sort of reminds me of Dr. Spock from “Star Trek.”
One of the great things about winter is that there’s not much foliage to hide the birds. You never know what you might see if you get out in the woods and look up.

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  1. I’ve heard countless Barred Owls in Minnesota but I have never actually seen one in MN. I have seen them in the South when I lived in Memphis.

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