A tree full of waxwings

My colleague Beverly Godfrey shared these pictures taken on Monday of a congregation of Bohemian waxwings in Duluth’s Kenwood neighborhood. Five trees next to her house were filled with about 250 of the birds, Beverly told me. “They’re almost scary with all the noise and number of them!” she wrote.
Take a look:

By Tuesday, the waxwings had moved on.

Elsewhere, Mike Johnson of Onamia, Minn., shared this story:
About two weeks ago, he was working from his home office, “and our two ‘Newfies’ started to howl and bark at the sound of someone knocking at the front door.”
A visitor?
Well, yes, in a sense. When Mike looked through the window, he saw a pileated woodpecker tapping away on the front porch.
At least two pileateds frequent the Johnsons’ backyard, he wrote, but seeing one so close up was a treat.

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