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A couple of neat bird pictures came in right in a row this afternoon. Thanks for sharing!
First from the team of Sue and Jim Jensen in Esko. Jim writes that Sue first noticed this barred owl next to the Jensen feeders at 7 a.m. It left once but returned and still was hanging around at 1:30 p.m. Jim offered it a tilapia, but it has ignored the fish so far.
“I’m thinking it is not that hungry,” Jim writes. “He is keeping all the woodpeckers away, but not the chickadees.”
Here it is:

Meanwhile, Carole Lent offered this picture, taken this afternoon off Park Point:

Although Carole asked, “Do you know what kind of bird this is?”, she titled her post “Eagle in water,” and I think she has it right. My guess is that it’s an immature bald eagle.
But I’m especially bad at identifying raptors, so I’m certainly open to correction.

Keep those bird pictures and stories coming in, and please let me know when you see your first robin of the spring (with or without a photo). I’m at:

2 thoughts on “This just in …

  1. Nice shot of the Barred Owl. I just saw one a few days ago, but had no camera. No Robins in my backyard but people have reported them about 5 miles South of here (in Morrison County).

  2. Amazing John. I have never seen a bald eagle (that is indeed what it is) resting atop the water like that. It looks like quite comfortable doing so. Wow.

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