Under the surface

Carole Lent offered a second view of that mystery bird she caught with her lens off Park Point the other day. This one shows more feathers but no head, because it’s under the water:

I’m sticking with immature bald eagle, but that’s really just a guess. Any other thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Under the surface

  1. I agree. It looks like an immature bald eagle. In the first picture, you can see a spattering of white feathers across the body. Also, the bill looks think and hooked. What an odd thing for this eagle to be on the water. I wonder if it is hurt.

  2. Well, from The Point today, Sunday the 31st, I watched an immature BE fly north along the shore…

  3. We saw our first Robin today on highway 27 in Morrison County. No photo, sorry. I think your bird is an Eagle, but my wife and I were almost fooled by a Rough-legged Hawk today, we were only sure when we looked at the photos. You might give a look at them and see how they compare to the Eagle.

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