Two birds in a hand …

… are worth four in a bush?
How about dozens on the ground?
Paul and Karen Anderson, who live in the Piedmont neighborhood, have had a visit from redpolls this week. Here’s a picture Karen took of their daughter Laura with, yes, two redpolls in her hand:

How about a bird in each hand and one on the head?

And here’s a wider view:

I’ve heard of chickadees eating out of a person’s hand, and I’ve seen pictures of hummingbirds eating out of a hand. This is the first time I’ve heard of or seen it with redpolls.

Now here are some birds you might not want to see eating out of your hand:

“This pair frequents our yard all year long, but they are so flighty it is difficult to get good photos,” writes Guy Sander, who lives on the southwest side of Caribou Lake.
The male is the one on the left in the first picture, Guy tells me. The lone pileated in the second and third pictures is the female.

Speaking of big birds, another correspondent noticed that golden eagle No. 45, tracked by the Golden Eagle Project, arrived at her breeding grounds in far northern Canada on April 3, the same date as in 2012. And an accompanying satellite map shows that she went directly through Duluth both years.

And, finally, spring. Yes, it is spring, as confirmed in this picture taken by Mark Stenhammer at home in New Duluth during the recent, uh, snowstorm:

OK, that is snow. But those ARE robins. That settles it. Spring.

Thanks everyone! Keep the bird news and photos coming.

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  1. I am impressed the Redpolls ate out of her hands. What a neat experience! We tried the same thing after learning they were not so afraid of us, but other than landing nearby, there were no takers.

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