Transitional time

This is a transitional time, as reflected in recent forecasts: a winter storm warning a couple of nights ago … a forecast for a high near 60 on Friday.
The birds know this, which is why we’ve seen so many passing through and others coming to stay. I finally saw my first robin of the spring last Thursday, perched on a branch of one of my trees amid heavy snow.
Jen Flynn of Duluth submitted photos the past couple of days that reflect the transition.
First this lovely shot of a house finch in the snow, taken Monday morning in West Duluth:

And then, two shots taken on Wednesday of a turkey vulture, a bird that has returned within the past few weeks. I love how Jen caught it with wings unfurled in the first shot:

You probably can’t tell in the online version, but I think I even saw some buds in the tree here.

Welcome spring.

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