Mystery bird

It’s time for another round of “Mystery Bird.” Can you identify this water fowl?

Carole Lent took this lovely picture from the south pier on Monday while ship-watching. She spotted this duck, or whatever it may be, on the canal.
I showed it to Sam Cook, who thinks it might be a ruddy duck.
Any other thoughts?

There’s more certainty about the two birds Jim Jensen of Esko saw feeding on his field on Saturday. He’s going with common snipe, although American woodcock is a possibility, Jim says.
I’m not sure if they will show up well enough in this format for second opinions, but take a look:

Jim adds: “Finally spring … lots of birds moving.”
There certainly are. I drove up to Gooseberry Falls on Sunday and saw all sorts of bird activity on my way back, although I couldn’t identify anything except gulls. I also counted 17 deer on the drive from Gooseberry to my house in West Duluth. Be careful out there.

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