Waterfowl, waterfowl everywhere

My goodness. So many birds, especially on the water, so little time.
On my day off yesterday, I strolled the Western Waterfront Trail, where I saw greater scaup (I think), buffleheads, mallards, Canada geese and an eared grebe. Also a shorebird, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.
Then I drove over to Perch Lake, on the east edge of the Fond du Lac neighborhood, where I counted 22 white pelicans amid a multitude of other waterfowl. As I was about to leave, a quintet of double-crested cormorants flew low overhead.
That’s my kind of air show.
But you could go just about anywhere that has open water and see plenty of activity.
Carole Lent took this stunning picture of an eared grebe on Monday. She says it was successfully smelting near the canal.

Carole also offered this collage of horned grebes in love:

The white pelicans seem to be everywhere. I’ve seen pictures of them between Park Point and Hearding Island.
And my colleague Steve Kuchera shared these photos taken on the St. Louis River in the Fond du Lac neighborhood:

But not all of the action is on water. Kirstie Zauhar of Superior shared these pictures of a female and a male cardinal in her yard.

While it’s not in the pictures, Kirstie says she watched as the male cardinal flew over to the female and gave her a seed.
If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

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  1. There are so many ducks that the only way I can do a fair jobs is to shoot a few photos and check them after we get home. Just last week we saw a green-winged teal that was among a group of Redheads and blue-winged teal. Without the photos it would be another missed bird.

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