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One of the prettiest birds we get to see in the Northland is the indigo bunting, and Carole Lent captured a stunning picture of one on Park Point this afternoon.
Take a look:

I haven’t seen an indigo bunting yet this year, although certainly I’ve heard that they are around.
I have a tendency to see birds after everyone else.
This morning, I finally saw my first hummingbird of the year — it came to one of the nectar stations I put out last week. I also saw my first Baltimore oriole. It came to a feeder I put up on Tuesday that has an orange slice on each side. The oriole sampled the oranges on each side, but it didn’t seem very impressed.

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3 thoughts on “Mood indigo

  1. I, too, had an indigo visit last Sunday (in Superior) and got a photo of him (with a black and white warbler on a pine tree behind him!). Our hummingbirds arrived (very tired) last weekend. I had to put out several feeders by Sunday, as a couple of them were fighting!

  2. The Indigo Buntings here stay ever so briefly, so if we are not looking out the window at the right time we miss them. This year, the male didn’t even touch our feeding area, but was eating dandelion seeds. And that is just dandy. :)

    Our Orioles are devouring oranges and grape jelly. We hope they nest here again,but then we may have too many Orioles next year. They were already a bit territorial this spring, so we put out oranges in different areas of the yard. This made them happy.

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