Frankly scarlet

Yesterday’s picture of an indigo bunting was followed by today’s picture of a scarlet tanager.
Michelle Weegman took this picture at home near Holyoke, Minn.:

It was their first-ever scarlet tanager, Michelle said. It ate suet and sunflower seeds.
“It was beautiful and we were so lucky to see this gorgeous bird,” Michelle wrote.
A gorgeous bird, indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Frankly scarlet

  1. For the first time this year I had a Scarlet Tanager come to my feeder. Have 2 male blue indigo buntings in also. Been gone for two days, hope to see them come back.

  2. I usually seem them once or twice each year. Last year we saw them a bunch of times in late summer but it was when males lost their bright coloring.

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