Here’s a woodpecker that’s absolutely unmistakable, but as far as I know it’s seldom seen in the Northland:

Dan Sommerfeld shared this picture of a red-headed woodpecker he took at a feeder in far eastern Duluth.
I used to see redheads occasionally in northwestern Iowa, but I’ve never seen one in more than 12 years in Duluth. Have you?
Dan tells me the woodpecker was hanging around most of last week.
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3 thoughts on “Redhead

  1. Here in an area south of Iron River WI this is the first year in three we have not seen/heard a red-headed woodpecker. So sad this year. We do have a Rufus sided towhee, three indigo bunting pairs and many red-bellied wood-peckers, and a scarlet tanager or two, but I miss that red-headed.

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