A hairy and a hummer

Carolyn Quick, who lives between Ely and Tower, came up with unique photo perspectives on two backyard birds.
Let’s start with this amazing picture of a hairy woodpecker:

Carolyn says she surprised herself with this photo of the woodpecker jetting out of its nesting tree. “The nestlings are more than a little vocal from sunrise to sunset,” Carolyn adds.

She titled this next picture: “Seems I’m not the only one …

… who enjoys watching the hummingbirds.”
A fun perspective, indeed.
“Every year we have more (hummers) than the year before,” Carolyn writes. “As close as I can count, we have 8 males and 10 females. We have 12 feeders that are filled daily….just how many calories does that convert into??”
Interesting that Carolyn is seeing more hummingbirds than in the past, because several people have written that they are seeing fewer. Perhaps they are all going to Carolyn’s place.

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