Big birds

No, I haven’t taken a partnership with “Sesame Street.” (Just how DO you get there, anyway?)
I’m referring to two sets of big-bird pictures that came in over the past couple of days.
Let’s start with Jeanette Lang’s photos of sandhill cranes making themselves at home on a quiet country road:

Jeanette found these majestic birds on her commute home from downtown Duluth, south of U.S. 2 between Brule and Iron River, Wis. “Kinda cool,” she writes.

But do they look like they could use a bath?
Check this out:

Karl Riggle of Zanesville, Ohio, shared these pictures of rough-legged hawks in the backyard bird bath taken by fellow, uh, Zanesvillian David Bonifant.
Small bath. Big bird.
Also kinda cool.

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3 thoughts on “Big birds

  1. A smidge jealous with both species. We’ve yet to see any Sandhill Cranes this year and even our past sightings were not so close. I have heard about hawks using bird baths, but it’s never happened here. Great photos!

  2. Here near downtown Grand Forks, ND, a Cooper’s hawk enjoyed a bath in our birdbath yesterday. He stayed about 10 minutes, frequently robustly bathing just as robins do. If I hadn’t seen him when he was dry I wouldn’t have been able to identify him after he was thoroughly wet.

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