Evening grosbeaks in the afternoon

Lyle Anderson, who lives on Park Point, caught these wonderful images of evening grosbeaks that came to the sunflower feeder in his backyard on Thursday afternoon:

He had three evening grosbeaks — apparently a male, a female and an immature, Lyle tells me.
They also were fun to watch at the birdbath, he says.
In another note, Lyle reports that he watched a house wren go after a chipmunk and actually hit it as Lyle was sitting about 2 feet away.
“This is not the first time as I have watched it happen many times, but the chipmunk always comes right back as I give it peanuts in the shell,” Lyle writes. “Evidently, wrens don’t like chipmunks.”

And continuing with the list of recommended National Wildlife Refuges for birding, here are two more from Texas:
* Laguna Astascosa National Wildlife Refuge is on the southern tip of Texas, on the migration trail of hundreds of bird species. Look for: redhead ducks, painted buntings, Bullock’s orioles, peregrine falcons and aplomado falcons.
Learn more here:
* Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, also in Texas, is on the southernmost reaches of the Rio Grande. Look for: green jays, chachalacas, great kiskadees and numerous migrating raptors in the spring and fall. Read more here:

What are your favorite vacation spots for seeing birds? Your observations, stories and photos about birding welcome at: jlundy@duluthnews.com.