Several photos came in while I was away for a couple of weeks. Thank you!
For the moment, I’d like to share just this beautiful shot Karl Riggle in Ohio caught of a hovering female ruby-throated hummingbird:

No zoom lens was used in the making of this picture, Karl tells me. He was about 14 inches away and had to wait a few minutes for the hummer to go after the nectar.
It might be encouraging to some birders to know that there ARE hummingbirds out there. I still hear occasionally from folks who are flummoxed by the lack of hummingbirds in some usual places.
Catheryne in northern Virginia writes that she hasn’t seen a single hummer this summer, although she has the usual feeders out. A friend of hers in Kansas has had the same experience, Catheryne says.
I never see a lot of hummingbirds at the Lundy ranch in West Duluth, but I’ve had a couple of active females over the past couple of weeks. I don’t see both of them at once for long, because one always chases the other away.
Although nothing about this blog is comprehensive or scientific, I’d still be interested in more reports on hummingbirds or the lack of the same. Are you seeing more than usual this summer? Fewer? About the same?

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9 thoughts on “Hummers

  1. We have lots of hummers in Iron River, and the fledglings are really active. I’ve been filling the kitchen window feeder daily for over a week now. We’ve had a really great year. If I’m not mistaken, those fledglings all have the coloring of females as they come out of the nest. I’m not sure when the males’ throat change to that glorious red.
    Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts John.

  2. I live in superior on east 25th and last year I had so many hummers I couldn’t keep up with my 3 feeders. This year they came through in early May for a few weeks then left. They came back, counting 8 of them now at my 2 feeders all the time. They come & go so fast it’s hard to get pics. I don’t have decent camera anyway. I live right across from a park with loads of trees so they love it there. And I love watching them everyday. They don’t seems to mind me sitting right by their feeders either. They come to my area every year, but last year there were to many to count.

  3. I have been enjoying about a dozen “regulars” at my one hummingbird feeder most of the summer, beginning on May 15th when I first put it out. There was a period of about 2 weeks in July when I didn’t see them, but they came back in full force with the young ones, and I have consistently been going through a quart of the sugar water every day! They are very entertaining to just sit and watch as they interact with each other. I live in Rice Lake Township in Duluth.

  4. We have a family of humming birds also and have had at least two males –one chasing the other — all summer. Mason, WI

  5. At least one here in my yard in superior all summer. A female so I’m thinking it might have nested here. Now there are more since they seem to be gearing up for migration.

  6. We finally have one coming consistently to our yard near Central Iowa. I’ve been reading more about neonicontiniods and wonder if this might be part of the problem. Either harming the hummingbirds directly, or shrinking their food supply, insects..

  7. I was in Hoyt Lakes yesterday on a roofing crew. Much to my surprise, there were several hummingbirds outside visiting a flowerpot. Even amid all of the noise and people, the hummingbirds weren’t afraid and kept visiting. It was a nice surprise.

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