Butter butt

Bob King aka Astro Bob, shared this wonderful image of a yellow-rumped warbler, aka butter butt:

Bob, who is also chief photographer of the Duluth News Tribune, took this photo this morning in Lakewood Township. He said the bird was part of a small flock in a group of spruce trees, possibly feeding on seeds.

Birding for me has been slow lately. I haven’t made it up to Hawk Ridge yet this fall. I’ve been waiting for October; my goal is to see a goshawk and/or a golden eagle. But I say that every year.
My recent highlight was during a stroll on the Western Waterfront Trail on Friday, when I got to watch a pair of pileated woodpeckers hunting for insects on the same tree. It was the first time I’ve seen two at once.

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4 thoughts on “Butter butt

  1. I would agree it is a Redstart, and I agree that it is a female. When I try to photography Warblers, I often find that I point at one but when I look at the photos it is a different species than I thought it was.

  2. It is a beautiful picture, one thing birders tend to do is forget the bird in the action of trying to figure out what kind it is to check it off. pileateds are great fun to watch

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